Tier List for Limbus Company (May 2023): Reroll Instructions

Tier List for Limbus Company (May 2023): Refer to this guide, which offers complete information, for a thorough grasp of the Limbus company tier list. It discusses every facet of Sinnar. Many gamers have been having fun with this video game since it was released, both on PC and mobile platforms. It has been more well-liked among players thanks to its engaging gameplay and challenging confrontations.

Tier List for Limbus Company
Tier List for Limbus Company

The game has amassed over 100,000 installations on Google Playstore in the short time since its release. On Playstore, players have overwhelmingly given the game excellent reviews for their enjoyment.

Tier List for Limbus Company (May 2023)

List of all characters, ranked by tier:

Tier List S
The S tier has the most powerful Limbus Company characters who are capable of triumphing in any battle. These characters are extremely skilled, deal a lot of damage, and get along with other characters.

Hong Lu Tingtang Gangleader
Sinclair LCB Sinner
Rodion Kurokumo Henchwoman
Gregor G Corp. Manager Corporal


Level List

The A tier characters are highly competent Limbus Company soldiers that routinely perform admirably in combat. They may not have all the skills or synergies found in the S tier, but they are still excellent choices to take into account.

Ryoshu Kurokumo Wakashu
Gregor LCB Sinner
Sinclair Blade Lineage Salsu


Tier List B

Characters in the B-tier are solid picks who can hold their own in battle. They might not have the same amount of strength and adaptability as the higher-tier characters, but they are still good options to take into account.

Rodion LCB Sinner
Hong Lu LCB Sinner
Heathcliff LCB Sinner
Faust LCB Sinner
Ishmael LCB Sinner
Rodion LCB Sinner

Tier List C

The C-tier Limbus Company members are thought to be mediocre performers who can be useful in some circumstances. They might not have the same amount of strength or adaptability as the upper levels, but they can still make a useful contribution to some team combinations.

Outis LCB Sinner
Meursault LCB Sinner
Yi Sang LCB Sinner
Don Quixote LCB Sinner


How do I reapply to work for Limbus Company?

Rerolling in Limbus Company on mobile is much simpler than in most other gacha games. Just carry out these simple measures.

  • Launch the Limbus Company app to get started, then choose “Sign in as a guest.”
  • Locate the skip button in the top right corner of the screen after downloading the patch. Just click it.
  • Claim the incentives provided for pre-registration by going to the menu and selecting the in-game mail option.
  • Pull on the Welcome Extract, Gregor, and Standard Extract banners by selecting the ‘Extract’ tab, and then interact with them.
  • If you want to restart, go to the ‘Account’ page in the settings menu and select ‘Close Account’ to make a new account.




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