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COKUBE : The most advanced AI-based rapid application framework
We have used artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing to create applications with groundbreaking innovations. And we have devised a strategy to make technology viable for all companies in the world.

Why CoKube?

60% Reduced Time In Go To Market

CoKube comes with built-in business processes that are industry independent, allowing us to dramatically reduce your development life cycle.

Business Process Automation

CoKube automates any type of business process, integrating with third-party legacy systems such as ERP, CRM, Payment Gateway, Digital Wallets & Logistics, etc.

Enhance Customer Experience

CoKube’s built-in customer engagement modules (loyalty, coupons, deals, customer grouping and customer segregation, etc.) enrich your customer experience and enhance your digital presence.

In-depth Analytics

CoKube comes with built-in analytics, which tracks every step in the customer / employee journey related to business interests. This analytics engine can be customized according to business needs.

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The CoKube Mission

Technology Viability

Any business deserves to be online, but not everyone can afford the technology. We want to offer cutting-edge technology at incredibly affordable prices in the SaaS model. Now you no longer have to worry about huge lump sum expenses.

Brace the Future

We are not just another technology company. We have looked into the future and become thought leaders in using cutting-edge technologies – including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive computing – to create our products.

Framework Features

CoKube is the thought leader in using future technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, in its development work. The idea is to present unique characteristics from in-depth research and analysis based on data mining. Read the six principles on which CoKube is based.

Product Features

Find out what CoKube is able to offer a business through its framework. Along with customer experience, application indexing, management of different parameters, analytics, it is able to offer many other cutting-edge functionalities that you can imagine for your business.

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